M144A Tyre


The M144A from Toyo Tires is a tubeless, five-rib highway tyre designed primarily for steer axles, although it can be used on all axle positions. The M144A is designed to work best for long- to medium-haul applications. The tread pattern and compound minimise running temperatures at high average speeds, thereby to prolonging tread life. The casing construction and tread profile minimise irregular wear.

Key Features

  • Heat-resistant tread compound - Slow-wear rate for medium and long haul applications with high average speeds.
  • Flat crown radius and wide tread width - Even distribution of contact pressure over the contact patch for even wear and optimum handling.
  • Five-rib tread pattern with siping - Low tread noise, directional stability and wet braking grip.

Available Sizes

Size Load/Speed Overall Diameter
22.5" (2 Sizes)
295/80R22.5 152M 1044
295/80R22.5 152M 1044