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Corporate Social Responsibility

The "Toyo Tires Group Code of Conduct" sets forth 15 rules of conduct for each individual to follow in order to put the Charter into practice, and it also functions as a guideline for each group company to formulate its own individual code of conduct.


1. Compliance
We shall comply with laws and internal rules in all aspects of our business activities and shall conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards.

2. Accounting Procedure
We shall ensure proper accounting in accordance with laws and internal rules for financial reporting, accounting, tax and internal controls.

3. Company Assets
We shall properly manage and utilise tangible and intangible company assets, including intellectual property rights.

4. Information Security
We shall properly manage and protect both internal and external confidential and personal information.

5. Free Competition and Fair Trade
We shall conduct business in an open and fair manner in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations in each country and region.

6. Gifts and Entertainment
We shall not accept or provide gifts or entertainment in contravention of applicable laws and regulations or social practices in each country and region.

7. Relationships with Politicians and Public Officials
We shall not provide inappropriate money, goods or entertainment to politicians or public officials.


8. Provision of Products and Services
We shall give top priority to safety and provide eco-friendly, high quality products and services in order to win public confidence.


9. Safe and Healthy Workplace
We shall strive to improve safety, health, the environment and disaster prevention at our workplace.

10. Respect or Diversity
We shall respect each other and strive to create a dynamic workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.


11. Eco-friendly Activities
We shall strive to promote eco-friendly activities in accordance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.


12. Interactive Communication
We shall build good relationship with stakeholders through appropriate disclosure and interactive communication.

13. Prohibition of Insider Trading
We shall never buy or sell stocks and other securities using non-public information about the Toyo Tires Group or other companies.

14. Social Contribution Activities
As members of the local community, we shall take an interest in social issues and strive to cooperate in addressing them.

15. Human Rights and Local Communities
We shall respect the human rights of people engaged in our business activities, local cultures, and customs.