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Toyo Tires’ ‘In Support of Sport’ Program

At Toyo Tires, we help people move better, whether they’re everyday motorists, professional athletes, aspiring young sportspeople or parents nurturing the dreams of their children.

Behind every great player, you will find countless hours of commitment from those around them, which is why making your move is just as much for those on the side lines as those pushing for the next win. Sure, we can’t all make the big leagues, but kicking goals in day-to-day life still demands that you put your best foot forward for the journey ahead.

Over the years, Toyo Tires have provided support to sporting teams big and small around Australia, from fundraising at the grassroots level right up to sponsorship of professional teams in national codes, like the AFL’s GWS Giants and the BBL’s Sydney Sixers.

Together with our local business partners, we aim to help parents, players and the people behind sporting clubs to move confidently and make a change for the better.

Make your move with Toyo Tires.

GIANTS | Principal Partner

Toyo Tires partnered with the GIANTS in 2016 as the AFL’s youngest club who have fought their way into finals footy for the most of the years since. With the unwavering support of a global tyre brand as Principal Partner and a ‘Never Surrender’ attitude, the GIANTS have carved out a competitive position in Australia’s biggest sporting competition.

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Sydney Sixers | Major Partner

Toyo Tires became a Major Partner of the Sydney Sixers in 2017 and were honoured to support their back-to-back BBL09 and BBL10 championships. Sharing a commitment to supporting community sports, both are proud to launch the ‘Toyo Tires Sixers Community Grants’ and ‘Toyo Tires Sixers Super Clinics’ programs, and family fun throughout Australia’s summer of sport.

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St Ives Saints Football Club (NSW)

Toyo Tires joined St Ives Saints Football Club in 2019 to nurture their next generation of ‘Aussie Rules’ footballers. Toyo Tires have since provided financial support to fund team uniforms, sporting equipment and programs to develop leadership and mentoring for players and coaches. Toyo Tires have also run a number of family fun days to further strengthen their relationship with the St Ives Saints.

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Kingsley Junior Football Club (WA)

Toyo Tires spread support of grassroots sport to the west coast in recently backing Kingsley Junior Football Club. As one of WA’s largest junior football clubs, more than 650 players unite under Kingsley Junior Football Club banner, and Toyo Tires value the opportunity to become a part of this sporting family. “Toyo Tires have enabled us to support our coaches by individually giving them shirts to identify them as coaches of the club and with educational programs,” says Mitch Drewett from Kingsley Junior Football Club.

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Toyo grants and sponsorship

Interested in a helping hand from Toyo Tires? We consider all types of sponsorship requests from local clubs, aiming to help as many communities as we can move better through sport. Every year, we take on a limited number of programs with the help of our official retailers, so if you feel that your local club could use a helping hand, click here to submit an application.