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The Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Victoria’s ‘CruiserKhana’ event returned in 2022 after a two-year hiatus. Run out of the Club’s property in Yarck VIC, the event pits entrants through a series of driving challenges designed to test and sharpen their driving skills.



“We noticed a lot of events that focus on the capability of the vehicle, so we’re primarily aimed at the technical skills of the driver instead,” begins Club spokesman, Laurie Miles.



“We really want to get entrants comfortable with placing their car precisely, as well as getting comfortable communicating with and using their navigator to complete complex tasks,” he continues. 



Driver training and improving the skills of Club Members is an integral part of the TLCCV ethos, and when they’re not running CruiserKhana at their Yarck property, they’re using it for driver training for club members.



“We don’t strive for a huge event in terms of entrants and spectators because it’s important that we can seat everyone inside for dinner on the Saturday night to watch the presentation,” Laurie continues, and estimates a combined crowd of around 100 people at the 2022 event.



Toyo Tires was a proud sponsor of the event in 2022, including supplying a prize to the winner of the Bob Hollows Award for Best Toyota Landcruiser Club Victoria member. Congratulations to Michael Bourke for taking home the award! 



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