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A GIANT Season Opener



Toyo Tires comes down with a case of orange fever

This Sunday, the mighty GWS GIANTS will fire the opening salvo of 2017 and tower over the Adelaide Crows on South Australian turf, as the AFL premiership season gets underway.

From unrated underdog to breakout finals charge in 2016, the 2017 GIANTS squad is focussed on a historic season.

It all starts here, and every inch gained, mark made and point scored bring the GIANTS a step closer to realising thedream.

Throughout their campaign, the GIANTS squad will bear the Toyo Tires logo on their chests. Co-major partner for the second year running, every member of the Toyo Tires family will be planted in front of the television on Sunday, orange Guernsey on, jumping at every high and feeling every low.

2017 might be the best season the GIANTS have ever had, and Toyo Tires will do its part to set it off for the boys in orange.
The Toyo Tires Kick For Cash will enter its second year. At every home game, GIANTS fans will have the chance to hold their breath, and take a literal punt at $100,000 in cash.

Think it can’t be done? Watch this and tell us it doesn’t make your hair stand on end.

Even the pro’s make it look easy.

It isn’t just cash on offer. Every entrant to the #DRIVENTOPERFORM Kick for Cash has a shot at winning a full set of Toyo tyres for their car.

The passion for the team goes to the top of our business. CEO Michael Rudd is a confirmed GWS GIANTS fan, scarf and all.

“2016 was a coming-of-age season. The GIANTS are challenging the traditional powers in the AFL, and Toyo Tires challenges tyre market leaders. The GIANTS’ energy, spirit and community values are a great match for the Toyo Tires brand.”

“I look forward to watching the GIANTS climb the ladder to the top this season. We are behind you 100 per cent.


So for this weekend’s season opener and for the 2017 premiership season, Toyo Tires only have eyes for orange.

Why are we so confident?

We take the longest strides And the highest leaps. We're stronger than the rest.

We’re the Greater Western Sydney Giants. The biggest and the best.