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“When I was 18 years old I had to get a new set of tyres for my Mitsubishi Galant. My brother worked for Millard Tyre Centre. He told me ‘you won’t go wrong with a set of Toyo tyres’, and I’ve had Toyo tyres on every vehicle I’ve owned ever since!” begins Julie.


Her lifelong partnership with the Toyo Tires brand extends to her beloved Jeep Wrangler. “The Jeep is my dream vehicle,” continues Julie, who works in the healthcare system in the NSW Northern Rivers region. “When I got it, it had this terrible death wobble. The mechanic suggested I start by changing the tyres, so on went the Open Country A/T II tyres and they fixed the problem straight away!”


Julie originally had the tyres fitted by Tyrepower Tweed Heads, and returns once a fortnight as part of her tyre maintenance routine.


The second great piece of advice Julie’s brother gave her early in her motoring journey was to always look after her tyres. “He said ‘Do you buy quality shoes to be comfortable at work? If you put decent quality tyres on your car you’ll have the same experience,” she recalls of her brother’s wisdom.


Julie’s tyre maintenance is nothing short of exceptional. Every fortnight she calls in to have the team at Tyrepower Tweed Heads double check her tyre pressures. “I’m quite capable of doing it myself at the servo’, but I trust the equipment in the workshop at Tyrepower more,” adds Julie. Every 10,000km she’s back at the shop to have her tyres rotated and balanced, and then every six months she gets the crew to double check her wheel alignment.  


Julie's Open Country A/T II were fitted to the car in 2015 and have traveled over 123,000km!


Her maintenance regime makes her one of the most astute tyre owners in the country, but the results speak for themselves - Julie’s Open Country A/T II tyres rewarded her with over 123,000km of hassle free motoring.


In fact, after eight years the team at Tyrepower Tweed Heads estimated that she’d get a further 20,000km before the tyres wore down to the Tread Wear Indicators!


The team at Tyrepower Tweed Heads replaced Julie's worn (but not worn out) Open Country A/T II with an identical set.


“They’d just got the all clear for rego’, but it’s been a bit wet up here so it was safer to change them,” admits Julie - a timely reminder of Steve Burke’s advice from a previous blog article about aged tyres


And don’t think for a second that these tyres have just been putted around town, commuting lazily. Julie is a fishing enthusiast, and loves to leave the sealed stuff behind with a boat in tow! “I don’t beat them up on rocks or anything, but you’ve got to head off road to find the best fishing spots. I drop the pressures a bit and go out on the sand - it’s brilliant!” she beams.


“I know I’m in safe hands on Toyo tyres. Most people don’t give their tyres enough thought, but if you put the effort in you get rewarded. You get what you pay for, and I definitely feel like I got value for money!” she says in closing.