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All Hoonicorn vs the World Drag Race Videos in One Place!

Ken Block’s extreme automotive exploits have captivated the world for years but after taking his crazy AWD Ford Mustang around the world for an escalating string of jaw-dropping stunts, Ken was inspired to do some drag race benchmarking to find out how fast the Hoonicorn is in the real world after seeing fans of the vehicle slaying in the Forza racing video game series.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve collated all of the Hoonicorn vs the World videos below, courtesy of Hoonigan.

Hoonicorn vs McLaren Senna Merlin

Hoonicorn vs Bryce Menzies’ Trophy Truck

Hoonicorn vs World’s Fastest Donk (Donkmaster Caprice)

Hoonicorn vs World’s Fastest Audi RS3

Hoonicorn vs Old Smokey F1 Diesel Race Truck

Hoonicorn vs Rob Dahm’s AWD RX-7

Hoonicorn vs Chevy Nova Drag Car

Hoonicorn vs Ford GT Carbon Edition

Hoonicorn vs Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

 Hoonicorn vs LS-Swapped Merch Truck

Hoonicorn vs Ferrari F8 Tributo