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How to get your Subaru Outback ready for the outback (and more)


A driver from the Australian Army tells us how he’s made his Subaru Outback tougher with Toyo Tires.


Andrew Kelso recently contacted us on the Toyo Tires Australia Facebook page to show us his MY15 Subaru Outback Premium shod with a set of Toyo Tires Open Country A/T II. Anyone can put a set of tyres on their car for looks, but Andre’s choice of Toyo tyres for his Outback was made out of a desire for performance.

Andrew isn’t your everyday enthusiast. As a day job, he is a driver for the Australian Army. Seat time in hard core, military-spec off-roaders such as Mercedes-Benz Unimogs and G Wagons has given Andy the right to have his say on what is and isn’t up to scratch.

“I found the OEM wheel and tyre package was a bit wimpy and not cut out for Australian conditions. My Outback was not ‘outback’ enough,” said Andrew.

Andrew then visited Twin City Tyres in Townsville for a set of Toyo Tires (try saying that five times!) as part of a wheel and tyre upgrade. Downsizing the standard 18-inch setup for a 17-inch wheel with a fatter tyre, Andrew says the bigger tyre has not noticeably affected his fuel economy but it has greatly improved driveability.

“Since adding my set of Toyo Tires, I’ve noticed the cornering ability of the car has increased dramatically.

“Hitting the dirt track, she felt a lot more sure-footed. Even in the recent storms we’ve had up here we had no aquaplaning, which was impressive!”

Andrew plans to use the Outback as a soft-terrain adventurer, with beach and fishing the main activities he has in mind.

“For future plans, possibly a 1-inch lift kit and new skid plates to make it tougher, but currently I love how much tougher the car looks with just the aggressive Toyo tread!”

“We’ve already taken the car from Townsville to Brisbane and the noise level was much lower than I expected from a tyre like this.

“We’re planning to drive it down to Coffs Harbour, as well as joining the Subaru Outback Owners Club in their annual cruise.”

Andrew has opted for a 245/65R17-sized Toyo Tires Open Country A/T II. Click here to contact your nearest dealer to find out the appropriate size for your vehicle: here.