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Frank Raso has been the front man of Tyrepower Cairns for almost ten years, and in that time has gotten to know the entire Open Country range. He recently put the Japanese-made Open Country R/T all-terrains through its paces, and in the process, unearthed the quiet achiever of the Open Country range.

As the gateway to some of the country’s wildest terrain and home to some of the continent's most extreme weather, Far North Queensland is about as tough a time as any tyre is ever likely to get. Frank Raso knows this, so to ensure he’s serving both local and traveling 4WDers alike with the best tyre advice, he and his team at Tyrepower Cairns extensively test just about every new pattern that hits the market themselves.

“We’ll read all the material that the manufacturers supply and listen to the sales pitches, but if I’m going to recommend a tyre to a client I want to know what it’s like myself. I won’t just recite the sales brochure - I’ll assess the tyre myself so I can give them my thoughts on the tyre in my own words,” begins Frank.

A further testament to the exceptional customer service and independent analysis of tyres in the market, Frank and the team also follow up with customers to validate their assessment.

“This was the case with the new all-terrain Open Country R/T - our initial impression of the tyre was so impressive that we spent six months calling customers to double check it wasn’t a one off! They’re so popular up here we’re selling multiple sets a day! he beams.


The Open Country R/T all-terrain is a new addition to the Australian Open Country line up, and combines the distinct and aggressive styling of the formidable Open Country R/T hybrid muddy, with the on-road manners and exceptional comfort levels of the Open Country A/T III thanks to its lighter 2-ply construction and cutting edge rubber compound technology.

“The all-terrain Open Country R/T has an aggressive tread pattern so we weren’t expecting much in the wet - which is a huge consideration for us in Cairns as one of the nation’s wettest climates. To our pleasant surprise they performed very well in the wet… I’ve never driven so confidently in the wet!” exclaims Frank, who positions the Open Country R/T ahead of the Open Country A/T III for safety and reliability in the wet.

Over several months, Frank, his team and some customers put around 10,000km on the Open Country R/T all-terrains across a range of conditions, testing the tyres in wet and dry environments, and with a raft of varying drivers behind the wheel.

“A lot of people don’t realise that when they’re driving an aggressive ight-truck construction tyre with a heavy load it can make the vehicle much stiffer. The comfort these Open Country R/T all-terrains achieves, thanks to its lighter mass, means you’re not compromising on comfort,” adds Frank, which is an important consideration for those not wanting to affect the ride quality of their newer vehicles, or those using their 4WD to commute daily.

“They’re so comfortable it gives you the flexibility to upsize without sacrificing drivability,” adds Frank.

Aside from those specifically seeking an aggressive looking tyre, Frank admits that the potential Open Country R/T customer is hard to categorise.

“I’d rate it around 80% on road, 20% off road. We sell plenty of them for family 4WDs who want a tyre that’s quiet and safe in the wet, and a lot to tradies for their work utes around town,” he says in closing.

Unlike others in the market, Toyo’s Open Country all-terrain and off-road tyres are made exclusively in Japan, with only limited aftermarket sizes hailing from the USA. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Open Country R/T all-terrains: