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Puncture Prevention


David Wilson, director and lead instructor at Adventure 4WD

David Wilson, director and lead instructor at Adventure 4WD has been a 4WD trainer since a time before the internet. He lives and breathes life off the beaten track and is passionate about sharing his knowledge. We want to help Dave spread the word, so every Wednesday; Toyo Tires will be sharing one of his snack sized 4WD tyre tips.


Last week, we touched on puncture prevention. It can be a sharp world out there once you venture off the beaten path and light-truck (LT) tyres are the best starting point to fix these issues in the field.

tough tyres open country a/tII all terrain 4wd 4x4

The right tyre is the ideal starting point. Toyo Tires Open Country A/TII is brilliant at coping with the rigours of off situations, but you will need to give them a bit of help.

Many drivers over-inflate their tyres to bursting point. Just don’t do it!

Find the tyre placard on your fourbie and note the recommended pressures, you might be surprised to see them in the low-30’s (psi), but this is right for the mass of your vehicle with the original rubber fitted.

Opt for an LT and it won’t be much different, usually up to 36psi. Your loads will vary with the different tasks you ask the vehicle to perform and so too should the pressures to accommodate any increase in weight, but once on dirt a 20% reduction in pressure accompanied by a 20% reduction in speed will see you go a long way to becoming a puncture-free driver.

See our blog to learn “The 20% Rule.”