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How to Fix a Flat Battery in the Bush

Canning Stock Route

Most motorists have found themselves stuck with a flat battery at some point and if this happens near some semblance of civilization, a jump start from a passing motorist or a call to a roadside assistance provider will likely get you back on the road again. When you’re travelling remotely, however, inconveniences can quickly become life-threatening, so it’s important to be self-sufficient with the gear and know-how to get yourself going again.

Seriously Series Open Country M/T

Geoff Lewis from Seriously Series knows this all too well, building up his true blue Australian bushman credentials over a lifetime of pursuing his passion for the history of remote exploration and the equipment that made it possible. His trusty yet temperamental fleet of classic Land Rovers have put Geoff and his sidekick Damon in some tricky situations over the years but with a brain full of bush mechanic tips, and some ingenuity, they’re never stuck for long.

When it comes to a dead battery in the bush, a jump start isn’t an option without a support vehicle or any passing traffic, and only the most prepared 4WDers would carry a trickle charger and a solar panel or separate power supply with them to charge back up, and it’s unlikely they’d get caught out with a flat battery anyway! If your vehicle has a manual transmission but the terrain rules out a clutch start, you might think all hope is lost, but Geoff has a handy tip in the video above that can get you going with nothing more than a jack and a bit of elbow grease.

Be sure to check out the Seriously Series YouTube channel to follow Geoff’s adventures and watch the Open Country M/T conquer some of Australia’s most inhospitable locations.