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When we think about the tyres in the Open Country family, it’s easy to instantly assume that the patterns in this range are only for hardcore 4x4 enthusiasts - those that spend their weekends battling wiley fire trails in search of the state’s best camping spots.


But the reality is that the Open Country range is as diverse as the terrain that makes up the Australian continent, and that the applications of a tyre like our new Open Country A/T III - thanks to its multitude of fitments and great on-road manners - extend far beyond weekend warrior 4x4s.



One application that’s becoming increasingly apparent in other markets like Japan and North America is the tyre’s suitability for extra-urban commuters - those in regional or rural areas whose commute might include unsealed roads, behind the wheel of an SUV or a crossover vehicle like Subaru’s Forester, Outback or XV.


As urban sprawl continues to push new housing developments in to the once rural fringes of our major cities, and as tree changers flee the city to work remotely seeking a better work/life balance in country towns, the reality is that we’re pushing our vehicles onto roads that might not be suitable for the Original Equipment (OE) tyres the vehicle left the showroom floor with.


If your commute includes driving on unsealed roads, then upgrading to an All Terrain tyre like the Open Country A/T III has a few key benefits:




On extra-urban or unsealed roads, there’s an increased chance of tyre trauma - that arising from potholes or corrugations, or foreign matter like large sticks or sharp rocks puncturing your tyres. Normal Highway Terrain or SUV tyres do an admirable job of withstanding this abuse, but are infinitely more susceptible to trauma-related tyre failure than an All Terrain tyre like Open Country A/T III. 


Open Country A/T III has been designed with cut and chip resistance in mind and includes damage-deflecting tread all the way to the shoulder of the tyre. Combined with increased sidewall strength, upgrading your tyres is a simple change that can ensure you’re never left stranded on the side of an unsealed road.




Our Open Country range is praised for their exceptional mileage, with the Open Country A/T II - predecessor to Open Country A/T II - regularly seeing over 100,00km of faultless service


Using the latest in compound and tread design technology, Open Country A/T III seeks to build on this reputation for longevity, which ultimately translates into better value for you, the end user.


On unsealed roads, All Terrain tyres are designed to be harder wearing making them more durable than the OE tyres and boast increased tread depths, meaning you’ve got more trips in the bank before your tyres approach the Tread Wear Indicators. 




Take one look at an All Terrain tyre compared to one that’s designed to spend its entire life commuting on bitumen and you'll see instantly where the increased off-road traction comes from, however the Open Country A/T III doesn’t sacrifice any on-road manners to achieve this.


As well as delivering exceptional peace of mind on unsealed roads, especially on gravel or sand where traction can be particularly hard to find, Open Country A/T III maintains it’s on-road manners and is quiet and comfortable to commute on. 


It’s also safe in on-road emergency situations like emergency braking or directional changes in the wet, where some other off-road tyres fall short. 


The reality is that low speed driving on unsealed roads - as you would up or down your own unsealed driveway for example - is unlikely to result in catastrophic tyre failure. However, if you’re traveling at any great speed like you would during a daily commute, this risk becomes far greater. 


Upgrading your SUV tyres to an All Terrain like Open Country A/T III brings with it a host of benefits - all of them related to your safety - and its available in a range of sizes to suit most popular SUV and crossover vehicles.


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