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The number one tool for 4WDing


David Wilson, director and lead instructor at Adventure 4WD

David Wilson, director and lead instructor at Adventure 4WD has been a 4WD trainer since a time before the internet. He lives and breathes life off the beaten track and is passionate about sharing his knowledge. We want to help Dave spread the word, so every Wednesday; Toyo Tires will be sharing one of his snack sized 4WD tyre tips.


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The simple tool that should be in every off-road kit

When was the last time you checked your tyre pressures? Never? A month ago? A week ago? Yesterday?

It depends on what you’re up to at the time, but if I’m in the bush it’ll be daily. In fact, it might even be hourly depending on the terrain.

If you’re just driving around town a weekly check might suffice, but I’d wait no longer as pressures will vary. Check them in the morning when they are cold for the most accurate setting.

The number one tool for 4WDing is a tyre pressure gauge and buying a quality gauge is essential. A round dial type gauge of metal construction is best, sturdy and durable.

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Pencil gauges won’t serve you too well, drop one in the sand and the slide will choke on the grit. After that, it’s done and likely to give you false readings. It’s amazing the variation you’ll see in gauges, some service station gauges are wildly optimistic at times so having your own makes accuracy easy.

Check out the 20 per cent rule for a handy guide to tyre pressures.