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Tokyo Drift


Tokyo Drift

The 2016 D1GP season has arrived!

Drift season is officially here and Tokyo’s Odaiba is the first precinct to be enveloped in a thick fog of Toyo Proxes as Team Toyo muscle stonking horsepower around the tight carpark course.

On deck to drift was Utsumi Akira in the 750hp Toyo Tires Silvia, Yoshifumi Takodoro in the blue and black AE86, Tanaka San in the D-MAX N-Body S15, Hideyuki Fujino in the aggressive Wisteria 180SX and Thai national Pong running the LYZER 350Z.

Joining his Team Toyo brothers, Reigning D1GP champion (and world’s fastest drifter) Masato Kawabata dominated in the ‘tanso’, or single car runs.

Suffering a crash in the final round, Osaka’s favourite drifter Kawabata lost the chance of opening round victory to long-time nemesis Daigo Saito, placing the big R35X on middle podium.

New Team Toyo Tires Drift recruit Fujino San in the blue RPS13 grabbed third, establishing himself as a driver to watch as the D1GP season heats up in Suzuka mid-may.

Team Toyo Tires Drift rely on the control of Proxes. Find your nearest Toyo Tires Proxes dealer here.