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Miriam and Chris from Aussie Destinations Unknown have been busy building one of the country’s best Chevrolet Silverado tourers, and now that they’ve ripped the covers off we thought we’d take a look at what makes the new truck tick, and track back through their lineage of tough tow cars.



The family started their journey with a highly-modified Toyota Hilux and, as their vans and tow vehicle needs became larger and larger, the duo shot straight past a modified Lancruiser and jumped in to a 2019 Silverado 2500.



The 2019 truck was the kind of rig that most of us dream about, and was kitted out to take the family to some of the country’s most beautiful and remote camp sites, however in 2022 the couple became GMSV Ambassadors, so it made sense to upgrade to the latest 2022 Silverado 2500 HD.



Miriam and Chris wasted no time modifying the Silverado, and shortly after taking delivery in late-2022, Big Dog Builds completed the first stage of the build which entailed lifting the truck to accommodate the Method Race Wheels and Open Country R/T tyre package.



Weeks later, images of the truck surfaced again, this time with the ute tub swapped for a custom canopy that incorporates a roof-top tent, plenty of bar work to keep the crew safe on those remote tracks and a slew of lights and accessories, making this Silverado one of Australia’s toughest-looking, full sized tourers!



For more information on ADU’s van or tow rig set up, catch them on their socials (including their awesome YouTube channel which will soon feature a full rundown on the truck!)