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Wobble Worries


David Wilson, director and lead instructor at Adventure 4WD

David Wilson, director and lead instructor at Adventure 4WD has been a 4WD trainer since a time before the internet. He lives and breathes life off the beaten track and is passionate about sharing his knowledge. We want to help Dave spread the word, so every Wednesday; Toyo Tires will be sharing one of his snack sized 4WD tyre tips.



Driving a 4WD in mud can be a challenge, and great fun in its own right.

It’s also a means to an end; getting to the other end of a track that promises a natural wonder is always a good motivator to carve through the slop.

At the end of the day, when you emerge triumphant and mud covered, you will reunite tyre with tarmac and head up to road speeds in excess of 80km/h.

As you start to accelerate you might think your 4WD has a death wish, developing a savage wobble as you start down the road.

The culprit? Clumps of mud caught up in the rim, behind a spoke or inside the barrel. No fault of those magnificent Toyo Open Country M/T’s, mud-terrains so good the elements can’t stop them, rather the goop they’ve just ejected or displaced. The solution requires a high tech approach - find a stick and start scraping, or locate your closest hose or high-pressure washer and blast that stuff out!