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Plus Sizing

Plus sizing wheels and tyres is a popular trend among car enthusiasts. Adding inches to the wheel diameter for wider low-aspect-ratio tyres can improve a car’s handling capabilities and its appearance.

These are common plus sizes:

O.E (14 Inch) - P185/65R14, Plus 0 (14 Inch) - P195/55R15, Plus 1 (15 Inch) - P195/55R15 85V, Plus 2 (16 Inch) - P205/45Z16 87W

Plus Zero

Increases the section width and lowers the aspect ratio while still retaining the O.E. (original equipment) wheel diameter. This replacement tyre increases the contact area and lowers the tread profile for improved traction and quicker response.

Plus One

Offers increased section width and a lower-aspect ratio on larger wheels (so a Plus 1 fitment for a car with 14-inch O.E. wheels would be 15-inch wheels).

As a general rule, Plus 1 sizing:

  • Increases section width by 10mm
  • Decreases aspect ratio by 10 points
  • Increases rim diameter by one inch

Plus Two

Increased wheel widths in plus sizing also contribute to greater tyre stability and improved cornering and manoeuvrability.

As a general rule, Plus 2 sizing:

  • Increases section width by 20mm
  • Decreases aspect ratio by 20 points
  • Increases rim diameter by two inches

Dealers have additional information for plus sizing ABS-equipped vehicles. Always consult your Toyo Tyre dealer when changing the size of your tyres.