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If we asked you to picture your perfect touring vehicle, how many people would have imagined a 2009 Toyota Prius? We didn’t, but we’re glad that Beau had a vision to turn Toyota’s iconic hybrid vehicle in to a lifted, go-anywhere tourer that punches way above it’s weight off-road!

“The Open Country A/T II came on my previous Subaru Liberty, and luckily bolted right up to the Prius! I’ve had them for nearly four years now and have done around 60,000km on them between the two cars - they've taken me all over the country!”

“They’re lighter weight compared to some competitors which means they're perfect for smaller cars like this, but they can still tackle some tough terrain.”

“We built it for long-range touring on a budget, and it’s decked out with all the usual 4WD and overlanding accessories,” explains Beau, including a winch, custom bumpers and a spare tyre carrier.

“We’ve retained the standard hybrid powertrain - it even has the original battery which is still going strong after 450,000km! We get around 1,000km before we need to refuel,” Beau adds.

Tell us what you think of this unique off-roader!

Fitment: Toyo Tyres Open Country A/T II 215/70R16