Open Country A/T II Tyre

Open Country A/T II

The Open Country All-Terrain (Open Country A/T II) is an industry-leading all-terrain 4WD tyre for drivers of 4x4s, SUVs and Utes looking for superior on- and off-road performance.

The Open Country A/T II has earned a reputation as one of the best all-terrain tyres for Australian terrain due to its aggressive tread pattern, impressive longevity and excellent traction throughout the life of the tyre.

The Toyo Open Country A/T II 4x4 tyre is available across Australia in a variety of tyre sizes and delivers top quality performance with affordable technology at the right price.

The Open Country A/T II is also available in both passenger and light truck construction.

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Key Features

Wear Resistant Tread Compound and New Casing Profile

  • Long tread life
  • More even contact pressure distribution for improved resistance to irregular wear and longer wear life

Aggressive Sidewall and Open Tread Block Design

  • Deliver tough looks and even tougher performance indirt and mud, while maintaining a quiet ride

Deep Tread Grooves with Stone Ejecting Blocks

  • Enhance mud traction
  • Long tread life

Tie Bars Between Blocks

  • Stabilise tread blocks
  • Improve dry braking
  • Reduce irregular wear

Available Sizes

Size Load/Speed Overall Diameter
15" (6 Sizes)
30x9.5R15 104S 762
31x10.5R15 109S 787
215/70R15 98H 682
235/75R15 110R 734
255/70R15 112S 738
265/70R15 109S 752
16" (12 Sizes)
215/70R16 99S 707
225/70R16 102S 721
225/75R16 115Q 744
235/70R16 110R 735
235/85R16 120R 806
245/70R16 118R 749
245/75R16 120S 774
255/70R16 115S 763
265/70R16 121R 777
265/75R16 123R 804
275/70R16 119S 791
285/75R16 126R 834
17" (12 Sizes)
35x12.5R17 121R 889
225/70R17 115S 747
235/60R17 102H 714
245/65R17 117S 750
245/70R17 114S 775
245/75R17 121S 799
255/65R17 119S 763
265/65R17 120R 776
265/70R17 121S 803
275/65R17 121R 789
285/65R17 121S 802
285/70R17 121S 831
18" (3 Sizes)
265/60R18 110T 775
285/60R18 120S 799
285/65R18 125S 828
20" (2 Sizes)
265/50R20 111T 773
285/50R20 116T 793