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Open Country R/T First Impressions from 4x4 Camping and Adventures

After loving his Open Country M/Ts, Brayden from 4x4 Camping and Adventures decided to step back to the Open Country R/T and see how they measured up.

I love the idea of having a super aggressive tyre under a 4x4 but at the same time, having good road manners for a daily driver like my Triton is important too. My Toyo Open Country M/Ts were great but out of interest, I wanted to test something a little less aggressive, both on-road and off.

After some research and asking a lot of people in the industry, everyone was recommending the Toyo Open Country R/Ts, so I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a set.

The first thing I noticed with the new tyres was the on-road performance. Right after getting them installed, I drove 600kms in the middle of a W.A. winter on a very rainy day.

The amount of traction these tyres had was great for such an aggressive tread pattern and on the flip side, I went straight to Brunswick check out how much grip these tyres had in the mud and tough stuff.

Again, heaps of grip, great self-cleaning and they didn’t let me down, even after a big hit that dented a front rim on a rock but still held air, which seriously impressed me!

As you would know if you follow my YouTube or Instagram, I love the beach; it’s my happy place when it comes to off-roading and this is where I really saw the Open Country R/Ts shine. They lapped up everything I could throw at them, from super-soft sand to dunes, I had traction everywhere.

I never felt was even close to a situation where I would be stuck, that’s how much confidence the feel of these tyres gave me. I can’t wait for summer to hit; I’ll be getting down to the beach every chance I get and enjoying these tyres.

After over 10,000kms on the Open Country R/T, I am very impressed with the low road noise, off-road grip and highway handling. They’re a fantastic tyre for anyone with a 4WD and I can’t wait to drop another 10,000kms while giving my thoughts along the way.