NanoEnergy Van Tyre

NanoEnergy Van

Next-Generation Light-Commercial Tyre

Protect your bottom line with the NanoEnergy Van, a premium light-commercial tyre aimed at reducing lifetime running costs through lower fuel consumption and higher mileage while providing strong, modern performance to keep professional drivers safe on the move.

Building on the H08’s reputation for incredible wear rates and daily driver dependability, this next-generation tyre takes solid steps forward in durability, wet weather traction and stability, making it the perfect fit for vans, 4x2 utes, motorhomes, caravans and trailers.

"Our drivers have [experienced] better handling, quieter noise levels and… we found fuel economy improved by 0.5L/100km"

Ryan McKinnon, Founder & Director of Buffalo Freight - Read More

Dry Grip
Wet Grip
Ride Comfort
Tread Life
Fuel Efficiency

Performance is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in increments of 0.5, with 5 being the best. Ratings compare related Toyo products within applicable categories and should not be considered out of context.

Up To The Job

Endure shifting light-commercial conditions with an advanced square-shouldered rib design that reduces tread flex and equalises contact pressure to resist irregular wear under heavy load

Safety First, Every Trip

Stay safe behind the wheel with firm all-weather grip, reducing wet stopping distances by 10%* and challenging vague commercial tyres with sharp, modern performance

Protect Your Neck, And Your Pocket

Slash fuel costs with Nano Balance Technology, utilising a smart, silica-reinforced compound to reduce rolling resistance by 29%* without increasing wear or sacrificing safety
*Results based on comparative testing of NanoEnergy Van and H08 by Toyo Tires

Enjoy The Ride

Drive with confidence that you chose the right rubber, enjoying reduced road noise, increased comfort and nimble response to bring premium performance to your mobile workspace


Available Sizes

Size Load/
14" (2 Sizes)
185R14 102S
195R14 106S
15" (8 Sizes)
195R15 106S
195/70R15 104S
205/65R15 102T
205/70R15 106S
215/65R15 104T
215/70R15 109S
225/70R15 112S
225/75R15 110Q
16" (10 Sizes)
195/75R16 110R
205/65R16 107T
205/75R16 113R
215/60R16 103T
215/65R16 109T
215/70R16 108T
215/75R16 116R
225/65R16 112T
225/75R16 121R
235/65R16 121S
17" (1 Size)
225/55R17 109H

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