Open Country Q/T Tyre

Open Country Q/T

The all-new Open Country Quiet-Terrain (Open Country Q/T) is a premium touring tyre designed to meet the unique demands of road-going CUVs and compact SUVs.

Building on the strengths of the popular Versado CUV, the Open Country Q/T comparatively improves wet traction and tread life to create a tyre that optimises fuel economy and comfort across an impressively long wear life.

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Key Features

Advanced Asymmetric Tread Design

  • Tight centre tread spacing maintains stability during cornering, braking and acceleration while contrasting shoulder designs provide traction in all conditions

Circumferential Grooves With Lateral Slits

  • Deep, wide water-evacuation pathways channel water away from the tread blocks to maintain contact with the road surface and provide strong wet weather performance

Silent Wall™ Technology

  • Textured groove edges provide a quieter ride by disrupting air flow to reduce pipe resonance

Multi-Wave Sipes

  • Small, varied slits throughout the tread improve braking on wet and dry roads while combatting irregular wear across the life of the tyre for a smooth, quiet ride

Available Sizes

Size Load/Speed Overall Diameter
16" (1 Size)
225/70R16 103H 721
17" (3 Sizes)
225/65R17 102H 724
235/60R17 102T 714
235/65R17 108V 737
18" (6 Sizes)
235/55R18 100V 716
235/60R18 107V 739
235/65R18 106V 763
245/60R18 105H 751
255/55R18 109V 738
255/60R18 112V 763
19" (5 Sizes)
235/50R19 99V 718
235/55R19 105V 741
245/55R19 103H 752
255/50R19 107V 738
255/55R19 111V 763
20" (2 Sizes)
245/50R20 102V 753
265/50R20 111V 773