Proxes C100 Plus SUV Tyre

Proxes C100 Plus SUV

Developed with Toyo’s advanced tyre technology, the Proxes C100+ SUV is an asymmetrical SUV tyre providing exceptional ride comfort, low noise and higher mileage.

The Proxes C100+ SUV is available in a wide range of sizes to suit many popular compact SUVs including Mazda CX5, Toyota RAV4, Holden Captiva, Honda CRV and Hyundai Santa-Fe. See our dealer locator to find a store near you.

Key Features

Wear-resistant silica tread compound

  • Long tread life and high levels of traction on wet roads.

Optimised pattern arrangement with variable pitch pattern

  • Minimised tread pattern noise.

New casing design

  • Provides exceptional ride comfort without sacrificing cornering grip.

"Silent Wall" serrations on walls of main circumferential grooves

  • Minimised tread noise (high pitch).

Asymmetric tread design with four main cirumferential grooves

  • Balanced dry and wet weather performance and aquaplaning resistance.

Produced with Toyo's A.T.O.M production system

  • Exceptional uniformity for user comfort and easy installation.

Available Sizes

Size Load/Speed Overall Diameter
16" (5 Sizes)
215/65R16 102V 686
215/70R16 100H 707
225/70R16 107S 721
235/60R16 100H 688
235/70R16 106H 735
17" (6 Sizes)
215/60R17 96H 690
225/60R17 99V 702
225/65R17 102H 724
235/60R17 102H 714
235/65R17 108V 737
245/65R17 107H 750
18" (7 Sizes)
215/55R18 99V 694
225/55R18 98V 705
225/60R18 100H 727
235/55R18 104V 716
235/60R18 107V 739
245/60R18 105H 751
255/55R18 109V 738
19" (1 Size)
245/55R19 103T 752