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Open Country R/T 2Ply Tyre

Open Country R/T 2Ply

Aggressive All-Terrain with 2-Ply Carcass

To complement the recently-released Open Country A/T III, and to meet the evolving needs of Australian SUV/4x4 drivers, Toyo is excited to announce the release of a new Open Country R/T variant.

The new Japanese-made Open Country R/T caters to an under-serviced segment of the SUV tyre market – those that seek to combine the distinctive and aggressive aesthetics of the American-made Open Country R/T, with the uncompromising all-round performance of Toyo’s legendary all-terrains.

The new Open Country R/T variant delivers exceptional on-road characteristics thanks to its two-ply carcass construction, lighter-weight and tread depths that prioritise lower road noise, on-road dynamics and comfort, and better fuel efficiency.

This Open Country R/T is tough enough to withstand mild off-roading in lightly modified vehicles, and is available in a range of sizes with a white sidewall option that make it a great original equipment replacement tyre, or ‘upsize’ option for the aftermarket.

"For the all-terrain driver looking for a more aggressive tread design to traditional all-terrain patterns in market."

Sealed Road Grip
Off-Road Traction
Puncture Resistance
Cut/Chip Resistance
Ride Comfort
Tread Life
Fuel Efficiency

Performance is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in increments of 0.5, with 5 being the best. Ratings compare related Toyo products within applicable categories and should not be considered out of context.

Tough Treads

With its distinctive tread design and grip all the way to the shoulder blocks, the new Open Country R/T looks great, with performance to match

Urban Warrior

Interlocking tread blocks combined with revised tread depth improve on-road performance, prioritising safety and performance for daily-driver 4x4s

Hybrid Theory

Thanks to significant weight savings, the new Open Country R/T offers aggressive looks without compromising ride quality or fuel economy

Styled Your Way

With side biters adding attitude to the sidewall and the option of white sidewall lettering, the new Open Country R/T is perfect for the ‘tough’ all-terrain buyer


Available Sizes

Size Load/
15" (1 Size)
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17" (3 Sizes)
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18" (2 Sizes)
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