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Reduce Running Costs with the NanoEnergy Van

NanoEnergy Van
  • Recently released NanoEnergy Van tyre achieves long life and lower fuel consumption
  • NanoEnergy Van reduces wet stopping distances by 10% and rolling resistance by 29%
  • Improved performance and comfort keeps professional drivers safe and protects profit
  • NanoEnergy Van also suits motorhomes, caravans, trailers and tow vehicles

The recently released NanoEnergy Van is a premium light-commercial tyre that’s able to achieve an impressively long service life with lower fuel consumption than the H08 it replaces, reducing rolling resistance by 29% to minimise lifetime running costs and protect the bottom line of professional van, 4x2 ute and other light-commercial vehicle operators.

NanoEnergy Van

In addition to reduced running costs, the NanoEnergy Van brings modern handling to a commercial category that’s renowned for poor ride quality and compromised traction, increasing comfort and stability while reducing wet stopping distances by 10% when compared to the H08 to keep professional drivers safe in their mobile offices.

NanoEnergy Van

Reduced fuel consumption, increased comfort and confidence-inspiring performance also makes the NanoEnergy Van a fantastic fit for motorhomes, caravans and trailers, delivering durability, safety and strong bang-for-buck to adventurous Australians who mostly stick to sealed roads in their travels. Tow vehicles may also find a fitment in the NanoEnergy Van range as an alternative to the Open Country U/T or Open Country Q/T, and of course the Open Country A/T II for those who may wish to explore roads less travelled or the wilderness beyond them.

NanoEnergy Van

Delivery Magazine spoke with Buffalo Freight Management’s founder and director, Ryan McKinnon, who mentioned that his drivers “have commented on the noticeable benefits of better handling, quieter noise levels and even the reduction in fuel consumption. The improvement in wet-weather grip was also commented upon by the drivers concerned and we found fuel economy improved by 0.5L/100km.”

Click the image above to read Delivery Magazine’s review of the NanoEnergy Van with the assistance of Tyrepower North Lakes and Van Master Repairs.