Car Tyres

Toyo’s range of passenger car tyres offer the best quality and construction, ensuring the highest levels of safety and consistent performance. Our tyres are a durable, longer-lasting and low-noise choice for drivers of small to large passenger cars. Toyo produce premium, high-quality tyres that will perform better than cheap alternatives in critical areas, such as tyre wear, wet-weather braking and road handling.

NanoEnergy R38C

Toyo NanoEnergy R38C

The NanoEnergy R38C is an original equipment car tyre designed specifically by Toyo Tires for the Mazda 3 Neo, Maxx and Touring. Utilising the latest Toyo...

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Proxes C100 Plus

Toyo Proxes C100 Plus

Developed with Toyo’s advanced tyre technology, the Proxes C100+ is an asymmetrical car tyre providing exceptional ride comfort, low noise and higher...

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NanoEnergy 3

Toyo NanoEnergy 3

Toyo NanoEnergy 3 is a Go On Tour with Toyo Tireshigh quality, everyday family tyre produced to be more durable and more ecologically sustainable for you...

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Proxes R52A

Toyo Proxes R52A

Proxes R46

Toyo Proxes R46

The Proxes R46 is original equipment on the new Mazda CX-5 launched in 2017.

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Proxes R45

Toyo Proxes R45

Original Equipment tire for the Honda CR-V

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Proxes R44

Toyo Proxes R44

Proxes R40A

Toyo Proxes R40A

The Proxes R40A is an original equipment 4x4 tyre designed specifically by Toyo Tires for the Mazda CX-3 Akari, crossover sports utility vehicle. Available...

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NanoEnergy J61

Toyo NanoEnergy J61

Original Equipment for 2016 model of Toyota Prius.

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Proxes R51A

Toyo Proxes R51A

Proxes R31A

Toyo Proxes R31A

Proxes R30

Toyo Proxes R30

The Proxes R30 is an original equipment car tyre designed specifically by Toyo Tires for the Toyota Corolla SX and ZR hatch. Available in tyre size 215/45R17...

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Tranpath R27A

Toyo Tranpath R27A

The Tranpath R27A is a 55 series tyre with a non-directional tread pattern.

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Proxes R888

Toyo Proxes R888

Ideal for road racing, track days and high performance driving schools, the Proxes R888 is the next-generation, street legal competition tyre from Toyo...

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