Van & Light Truck Tyres

Committed to constant innovation, Toyo’s light commercial tyres for utes, vans, light trucks and commercial vehicles are tougher, safer, handle better and last longer. For vehicles that get put to work for practically any job imaginable under our hot Australian sun, Toyo’s tyres can be relied upon to make a hard job that little bit easier.


Toyo H08

The H08 is a deep-tread, highway rib, commercial tyre available in sizes to fit vans & utilities.

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Toyo H19

New generation LTR, H19 has been developed to for owners of modern utes and vans being used for daily private activities or commercial applications. With...

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Toyo M55F

This is a low-profile traction tire with aggressive block-and-lug pattern developed for recreational and commercial pickups.

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Toyo H05

The H05 is a highway rib, commercial tyre.

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